Feds Say Greeley Immigrants Were Read Rights Before Detention

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Federal officials are denying complaints that some immigrants swept up in last week's Greeley immigration raids were denied constitutional rights.

A union representing some 260 people, allegedly illegal immigrants, is asking a federal judge to release detained workers from the Swift meat packing plant.

The United Food and Commercial Workers union says workers caught up in the raid were denied access to lawyers and held without charges. The union says the workers were illegally stopped and questioned by federal agents.

In papers filed in federal court late last night, federal prosecutors say no doors were locked in the Swift meat plant cafeteria when agents rounded up workers. The government also says no one was prevented from leaving, and those who were arrested were advised of their rights twice in English and Spanish.

Government attorneys also say the federal government has the authority to arrest anyone in the country illegally without offering them bond or other rights given to criminal defendants