Pastor Resigns

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Another pastor at New Life Church in Colorado Springs has resigned over admitted sexual misconduct. Officials at the church say Christopher Beard stepped down on Friday after telling the church's outside Board of Overseers about sexual misconduct and other mistakes several years ago.

Beard headed the church's twenty-four-seven ministry that taught leadership skills to young adults.

Church leaders say Beard told them about a series of decisions displaying poor judgment, including one incident of sexual misconduct.

The church says in a statement the misconduct was with another unmarried adult. Beard, who worked at the church for nine years, has since married.

The incident follows the resignation of church founder Ted Haggard last month under claims from a male prostitute that he engaged in sex and provided drugs for the pastor.

Since that scandal, church leaders have been asking members to come to them with any evidence of unseemly activity by anyone in a leadership position at the evangelical church.

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