Colorado Springs Family Mourns Fallen Hero

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The family of a Colorado Springs soldier mourns after learning he's been killed by a road-side bomb in Iraq.
The family of Private First Class Seth Stanton got a phone call Saturday that he had been injured.
But a day, later their world came crumbling down, he had died from complications from his injuries.
One of the last pictures taken of Private First Class Seth Stanton was just as the sun was coming up in Iraq. The caption read "this is me, at 5 am, protecting those who sleep."
"he was full of life, he loved everything he did and he knew what he wanted to do, and he succeeded in accomplishing all of those goals."
And at 19, Seth had accomplished a lot. He spent the last two months as a vehicle commander in Iraq. His uncle, spoke to him right before his last mission.
"I said I love you, he said I love you too. I gotta go out on patrol."
On that patrol, Seth's vehicle was struck by a roadside bomb. A day later his mother got the devastating news.
"The doorbell rang and Dylan told me there were 2 fancy army men at the door, i just told him no they're not, they can't be."
In a letter Seth's mom wrote about that day she said, "A knock on the door Sunday morning changed my world forever, as I listened to the news that my 19 year old son, my brave, strong son, my baby, died in Iraq earlier that morning, everything became a blur."
Seth's uncle, describes what they are all feeling.
"The grief and sorrow we are all feeling pales in comparison to what he's done for all of us, and the honor that he has earned by sacrificing his life for our freedom."
A memorial service will be planned for Seth after Christmas.