Snow Removal Budget Running Out

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As 2006 comes to a close...the city's Street Division finds themselves hoping too much snow doesn't fall...their budget is running low.

"We don't anticipate any difficulties for normal conditions,” said Street Division Manager Saleem Khattak.

Normal conditions meaning maybe a couple storms...but in the event that we get another blizzard...the street division may be asking for some help.

"We will go back to the budget office for supplemental appropriation funds and that will have to go to city council for approval," Khattak said.

Approval for more money to clear the streets that he says the council has approved in the past and would likely do again. And he says either way...citizens need not be concerned...their crews will keep working.

"If the money runs out...we'll still continue to provide service."

The city says its been several years since they have had to ask the council for more money...also in the event that they run out of supplies they can borrow some from the county.