Bryant's Attorneys Denied Access to Interview Notes

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A judge ruled Monday that Kobe Bryant's attorneys can't have access to the notes taken by a rape crisis center worker in an interview with Bryant's accuser. Eagle County Judge Frederick Gannett says the defense can have training materials from the Resource Center of Eagle County. But he says the request for interview notes with the woman can't be answered until after a hearing on the matter in state district court.

Attorneys for the woman and the center say the notes are confidential. They say the notes can't be released unless the woman waives her medical privacy rights.

Twenty-five-year-old Bryant is accused of raping a 19-year-old woman June 30 at the mountain resort where she worked. The Los Angeles Lakers star has said the two had consensual sex.

And a Swiss man pleaded innocent today to charges he offered to kill the Colorado woman who brought rape allegations against Los Angeles Lakers star Kobe Bryant. Patrick Graber was arraigned before Los Angeles Superior Court Judge Adele Mabry on one count of solicitation of murder and one count of solicitation to dissuade a witness.

There is no change in Graber's bail, which was left at $1 million. Defense attorney Peter Knecht said outside court that he asked for postponement of a bail-reduction hearing because of new allegations against Graber in a grand theft investigation involving 200-thousand dollars. He said no charges have been filed in the second matter which is unrelated to the Bryant case.

Graber was arrested Sept. 18 during a meeting with undercover sheriff's investigators. The sting was set up after Bryant's security staff reported receiving a letter from someone offering to solve Bryant's problem.