Caroling Horseback Riders

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Some folks in Falcon spent their Sunday afternoon spreading Christmas cheer...but it was how they did it that caught most people off guard.

The group went caroling...but instead of walking...they rode their was a unique sight that definitely got people out of their houses.

"Bells are ringing...children singing...all is merry and bright."

The group of about 20 horseback riders visited about 30 homes…just to spread some good cheer.

"It’s fun...its Christmas time...we're caroling on the back of our horses, said Diana Stone.

They braved the cold weather for about two hours…laughing all the way...with bells and a few bows...caroling horseback riders that left most smiling bright.

"Jingle bells...jingle bells...jingle all the way.”

The carolers say it’s likely their neighbors will see them out singing on horseback again next year...they plan to make the event a Christmas tradition.