Nuggets-Knicks Brawl

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The Denver Nuggets beat the Knicks 123-to-100 in a game marred by a wild brawl that resulted in all ten players on the floor being ejected.

Punches were thrown and players flew into the crowd in the league's ugliest scene since Indiana Pacers players fought with Detroit Pistons fans on the court and in the stands in 2004.

NBA leading scorer Carmelo Anthony appeared to throw one of the punches, and now awaits what will surely be a strong punishment from the league.

Anthony scored 34 points before the melee took place with one-15 left.

The fight began after New York's Mardy Collins grabbed Denver's J.R. Smith around the neck as Smith was going in for a breakaway layup.

Smith got up and jawed with Collins, and New York's Nate Robinson jumped in to yell at Smith.

Anthony rushed in and pushed Robinson in the neck.

Robinson and Smith then went flying into the stands while fighting each other.

The brawl stretched to the other end of the court before coaches and security restored order.

Marcus Camby, Andre Miller, Eduardo Najera, Smith and Anthony were the Nuggets who were ejected. Channing Frye, David Lee, Jared Jeffries, Collins, Robinson were the Knicks who were kicked out.