NATO Meeting Security

NATO officials are busy beefing up security at the Broadmoor Hotel, ahead of this week's informal meeting of world leaders.

Security measures that will be in place include, blocking off some streets two blocks from the hotel. And there will be security checkpoints on the roads that are open. People living within two block of the hotel have already recieved residence passes, with which, they will have to show ID to get through the checkpoints.

Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld is among those attending the conference, which includes the 19 NATO countries as well as seven invited countries, and Russia. The meeting will be informal, which means defense ministers won't make decisions, but rather hold open and frank discussions about the changing role of NATO in the 21st century.

The security for the event took six months to plan.

The measures will be in place until the end of the meeting, this Friday, October 10th.