National No Call List

Do Not Call
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Telemarketers asked a federal appeals court in Denver Wednesday to keep the federal ``do not call'' program on hold while it weighs whether it is constitutional.

The filing followed a last-minute attempt by the Federal Trade
Commission to get the 10th Circuit Court of Appeals to block a
lower judge's order barring it from enforcing the law.

U-S District Judge Edward Nottingham's earlier ruling prompted
Congress to shift the authority to the Federal Communications
Commission _ an action the 10th Circuit refused to stop last week.

But Nottingham's order prevents the F-T-C from sharing the
do-not-call list with the F-C-C.

Nottingham had concluded the program violates the free-speech
rights of telemarketers because charities are still allowed to call
those who have signed up for the do-not-call list.