Adjusting to Life After Iraq

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The soldiers aren't necessarily eager to talk about what they've been through.

"Is anybody brave enough to share," said a program director.

And understandably so, spending a year in Iraq is far from easy.

"It's hard to see dead children, hard to see your buddies killed," said clinical nurse Lt. Col. Laurel Anderson.

That's why soldiers come here after their stay in Iraq, to Fort Carson's two-day reintegration program.

"Everyone experiences a change, you can see it in them during this in between period," said Capt. Kathrin Loeffert

Seminars include topics like money.

"How many of you have already bought a car," said a program director.

"You don't spend much over there and you get back and want to spend all the money in your pocket," said Lt. Col. Thomas Boccardi.

And getting back into family life.

"I've got to get back from orbit and realize where enter," said Boccardi

The Boccardi's are still adjusting.

"You've done everything, kind of run your own show, it's definitely an adjustment," said Boccardi’s wife Caroline.

"They have a certain schedule that I wasn't apart of before, and now I have to be apart."

The Boccardi's just hope this is their last time they have to attend.