Pilot Of Crashed Plane Speaks

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"Any landing you can walk away from, is a good landing," said Terry Brookham, a day after he crashed his Piper Cherokee 180 into a tree outside the Meadow Lake Airport.
Brookham says he was practicing nighttime takeoffs when his plane lost power.
"I was just trying to get the airplane down safe."
But at 40 knots, Brookham says he was too low to hit the runway, so he went for plan B.
"I tried to line up on Judge Orr Road and I probably would have made it, but I'm pretty sure I saw a car coming so I went off into the tree."
Brookham's only injuries were 2 small scratches on his head. He says he got those when he kicked out the windshield and climbed down from the tree. Brookham has been flying since 1975 and says he's not sure what went wrong Thursday night.
"I don't think anything's wrong with the airplane... maybe there's something wrong with me."
The Federal Aviation Administration is helping figure that out, while Brookham figures out how he survived. He says it might have had something to do with an angel.
"Oh I definitely had one in the co-pilot seat, no doubt about it."
Brookham says the good thing about landing in the tree was it saved a lot of other planes on the ground from being crushed. He says he hopes to start flying again in about a week.