Bright Meteor Streaks over Colorado at Dawn

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Some thought the sky was falling. Others thought it was a U-F-O. But it was actually a bright meteor that streaked across the Colorado sky early today, prompting a rash of calls to authorities and researchers.

No debris has been reported, but callers were concerned more about what was in the air than on the ground.

The meteor was spotted about 6:45 a.m., and was bright enough to be categorized as a fireball.

Denver Museum of Nature and Science meteor researcher Chris Peterson says the object came in from the east, crossed over the plains, and was seen to disappear over the mountains to the west.

Meteors are common over Colorado, but this one was unusual because it was bright enough to be seen as the sun was rising.

Peterson says any debris from the meteor would be hard to find, because it would likely be just a pile of rocks that fell somewhere near a bunch of other rocks.