Arrest Made in Daycare Fire

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A teddy bear not just burned, but melted.

The same for some jackets left behind, melted from Sunday’s devastating fire.

"It's just amazing how much damage there is," said the owner of Sunshine, Al Rowlison.

Rowlison is shocked everytime he walks through the facility.

But now he has a face to put to the devastation, his employee, Candy Witt.

"You're just shocked because this wasn't an employee we had issues with," said Rowlison.

Witt was arrested last night on arson charges.

"During the interview process with the ATF she did admit to starting the fires," said Fire Marshal Mike Dalton.

"I’m blown away I can't even fathom this, she was so good with the kids, she loved the kids," Witt’s co-worker reacts.

Witt even helped out during the investigation.

"Her and her mom brought bagels and cream cheese for the ATF people," said Rowlison.

"She was here yesterday, she brought toys for the kids," said co-worker, Lauren Rowlison.

She was an employee for only a couple months, but this was her second stint at sunshine.

"She worked for us a number of years ago when she was a teenager," said Rowlison.

But that doesn't change how Rowlison feels.

"Arson is arson it doesn't matter if it's someone you knew, someone you didn't know, it's senseless."