Accused Cop Killer's Citizenship Raises Questions

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Out of the hospital and behind bars... Only on KKTV, new information about the suspect in the slaying of Officer Ken Jordan that has a foreign government involved.

Guards escorted suspect Marco Lee as he was released Thursday from the hospital where's he's been since Monday's shootout.

Right now, he charged with first degree murder and vehicular eluding. He'll be advised of the charges tomorrow.

We're learning more about Marco Lee in an ironic twist in the case that has eerie similarities with another cop killing.

25-year-old Lee is accused of gunning down Officer Ken Jordan on Monday night. Colorado law says that killing a police officer carries a possible death penalty sentence. But here's where the case could get even more complicated. Marco Lee's ‘myspace’ page says he's from Germany. His aunt tells us that's where he was born and moved here when he was 11 years old, keeping his German citizenship for the past 14 years.

The German Consulate is now getting involved in this case because Germany doesn't believe in capital punishment. They say they have an obligation to protect Lee during the court process.

Lee's attorney, a public defender, along with the district attorney's office, say even though Lee is a German citizen, it doesn't change the way they'll handle the trial. The D.A.'s office hasn't decided if they'll pursue death penalty yet. Lee also might eventually face attempted murder charges for allegedly shooting at the other officers on Monday night.

In an ironic twist, the German Consulate is also working with Jereme Lamberth, the man accused of killing Colorado Springs Officer Jared Jensen 10 months ago. Lamberth is also apparently a German citizen. The district attorney's office hasn't said if they'll pursue the death penalty, but the German Consulate says, if they do, they will fight it.