Check Your Receipts During Holiday Shopping

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The next time you're out holiday shopping, experts want you to take a good look at your receipt before leaving the store.

The Colorado Department of Agriculture says, the chaos of the shopping season could end up costing consumers at the check out counter.

The holiday season is often about shopping and spending money. But the C-D-A wants to make sure shoppers are checking their list twice to make sure they haven't been over charged.

Part of The Colorado Department of Agriculture is to watch out for consumers.

Agriculture Program Specialist, Lane Simmons says, "What we're concerned about is overcharges."

Lane says it happens a lot during the Christmas season.

One shopper says, "Yes I have had that happen."

Experts suggest that consumers track their receipts.

Shoppers say, "You have to do that. It can save you money."

And every time the store is caught accidentally overcharging customers, they get fined.

Simmons says, "It could get to thousands of dollars."

State inspectors check the prices of items throughout the year, not just during Christmas time.

This year they've already checked out 5,800 items in various stores around the state and they say only 40 of those items didn't pass the test.

Simmons says, "You know it's really really rare if we find a store or a business that's actually intentionally overcharging."

It's then up to the customer to get back the amount of money they overpaid.

If you don't care to get your money back, specialists say, at least tell management so that the next shopper doesn't also get stuck with a higher bill.

The C-D-A says, stores that accidentally undercharge customers do not get punished.