Investigation Into Drunk Baby Continues

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A baby who was taken to the hospital drunk is recovering but she is still not back with her parents.

A custody hearing for the baby was held Wednesday and it was determined that the baby will remain in custody of the Department of Human Services. DHS says they are taking this case very seriously and they plan to thoroughly investigate the parents.

In an exclusive interview with 11 news the parents of 2-month old Kristina Delaroche told us that they accidentally gave their baby three ounces of vodka.

"It was an honest mistake...I had no idea there was alcohol in the water bottle," said Kristina’s mother Sarah Smith.

Baby Kristina was released from the hospital Tuesday and DHS says she is doing very well but she will remain in foster care for now.

"This child was seriously injured...the injection of that much alcohol really is a serious incident...we are taking this very seriously and are very concerned about the health and welfare of this child,” said Shirley Rhodus with DHS.

Rhodus says this case is also very unique and she has never seen anything like it in her 20 years with DHS. She says they are in the process of screening the parents for any type of substance abuse and it could be up to a year before a decision is made regarding permanent custody of Kristina.

This case is also still be investigated by the police department but no word yet if either parent will face any charges. Another custody hearing is set for January 5th.