Web Page Honors Fallen Officer

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The shock of the murder of officer Kenneth Jordan is still very real.

The appropriate words can be hard to find at a time like this. Nevertheless words of support and encouragement are coming in from across the country by way of an Internet web page.

The Officer Down Memorial Page is a dedication to heroes in law enforcement.

Officer Jordan is there...and so are the kind words of others: nine pages worth.

They are simple statements from other cops: "Rest in peace, brother," writes a Fort Worth policeman, "we'll look after things down here."

The posts include memories relived, and plans he'll never see completed: a friend writes, "weren't we just talking about Boston for St. Patricks???"

Page after page reads at times like an all star guest list. Posts from a U-S Marshall, F-B-I headquarters, even a thought from the Ontario provincial police. They are people who likely never knew officer Jordan but know the pain of losing a friend and brother.

And there are those who know this loss all too well.

"Peace be with you always," writes Natalie Jensen: the widow of Colorado Springs detective Jared Jensen, killed on duty 10 months ago.

And nestled in between words from grateful citizens, those who know him best paint a better picture of Ken Jordan. An unfaltering friend, who some knew as j-rod or k-j, he liked dogs and bikes, and most importantly his job.

Some believe he's doing it still, explained in the final words of the final post.

It's the conclusion of a poem:

"Step forward now policeman, you've borne your burdens well...come walk a beat on heaven's streets, you've done your time in hell."

To view the site go to kktv.com and click on as seen on KKTV.