Jensen's Sister Reacts To Jordan's Death

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A make-shift memorial in officer Ken Jordan's honor continues to grow at the place where he was shot late Monday night. But amidst the flowers and cards, something is missing-- comprehension of loss.
"I can only imagine what the family is feeling," said one passer-by. "I can only imagine what the family is going through," said another.
But Jonika Winkler doesn't have to imagine, she knows exactly how it feels.
"I wish I didn't-- I'd do anything to have my brother back."
Her brother, Colorado Springs Police Detective Jared Jensen was shot and killed in the line of duty 10 months ago.
"I don't know how you ever move on, you just have to keep going on with life."
Now Winkler is just one of many trying to pay tribute to another of Colorado Springs' finest, fallen. Jennifer Melendez, knew officer Jordan.
"Not only did I know Ken, but my father's also retired from the Colorado Springs Police Department," said Melendez. "We have strong ties to the police officers here."
Most visiting the memorial have no ties, just a string that pulls tightly at their hearts. But for Winkler, her tie is one that binds.
"I not only lost my brother, I lost him the same way the Jordans lost their son."