Police Remember Officer Jordan

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The family of fallen Officer Ken Jordan is in the Springs, planning his funeral. They met with officers at the police headquarters to get those plans underway.

Meanwhile, Jordan’s officers are just taking it day by day. The men and women in blue are shrouding their badges for a second time this year. "We're still getting over Jensen's death; it’s at the forefront of our minds," Officer Berry Freeman tells us.

But while they grieve, police return to work, knowing their jobs are dangerous, knowing, even more so, that traffic stops can be the most dangerous situations of all. "Every stop is different. You don't know what's going to happen," Officer Roberto Williamson said. There are about 400 patrol officers who keep Springs streets safe and they know everyday, coming into work, could be their last. "It's in the back of mind all the time now," Officer Williamson said.

Many officers, community members, and others from across the country are pouring out their hearts on a website called The Officer Down Memorial. They write in, thanking Officer Jordan for his work. One Albuquerque officer writes, “Watch over us all brother. Take care.”

Meanwhile, the flags remain at half-staff at the police headquarters as the officers lean on each other. "I think it brings us closer. Any time we lose a brother or sister, it affects you. You appreciate each other and appreciate what you have."

If you want to view the fallen officers website or leave a message, return to our homepage and click on “As Seen On KKTV. There, you'll find a link.