Police Release Background for Ken Jordan

Official Press Release for Officer Ken Jordon: Colorado Springs Police Department

Police Officer Kenneth Chua Jordan
September 12, 1974 – December 5, 2006

Kenneth Chua Jordan was hired by the Colorado Springs Police Department on January 18, 2000 and was awarded the status of Police Officer upon his graduation from the CSPD Training Academy on May 21, 2000.

His field training occurred in the Gold Hill and Falcon area commands and he became a member of the Sand Creek area command on December 24, 2000.

Officer Jordan competed and was ultimately selected to serve as one of eight DUI officers on the Colorado Springs Police Department.

He entered that specialized position on February 15, 2004 and was acting in his role as a DUI officer at the time of his death on December 5, 2006.

As a result of Officer Jordan’s strong work ethic and his unwavering commitment to the citizens of Colorado Springs, he made 584 DUI arrests.

Approximately 60% of these were categorized as pre-crash arrests and repeat DUI offenders accounted for 22% of the total arrests.

Officer Jordan served as a Field Training Officer for new police recruits and was honored by Mothers Against Drunk Drivers (M. A. D. D.) for his outstanding effort to curb drunk driving in our community. Since 2004, the CSPD has participated in 23 statewide “Heat is on” campaigns.

In 15 of these events, our Department finished with the highest number of arrests and in 7 of these campaigns, our Department finished second by a narrow margin.

Officer Jordan served as a critical member of the DUI checkpoint team during these “Heat is on” campaigns.

As a DUI officer, Officer Jordan spent a large percentage of his work day dealing with intoxicated individuals.

He displayed good communication skills, strived to maintain a constructive rapport with every individual he interacted with, and continually went out of his way to assist fellow officers in any way he could.

He was an excellent resource for DUI related questions and worked diligently to impart his level of knowledge to other officer’s in an effort to ensure they had the best available information whenever they dealt with an intoxicated individual.

Officer Jordan was born in Chicago, Illinois and is survived by his father, mother and sister.