Daycare Center Fire

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The Sunshine Learning Center was engulfed in flames late Sunday night, leaving hundreds of kids without a place to go Monday morning and shocking parents.

"I said mommy's got some news, no school today, there was a fire. But he actually didn't believe it,” said one parent.

But it wasn't hard for the owners to believe, they say the same thing nearly happened a week ago.

That's when someone broke into the school and attempted to set a fire, but that time they didn't succeed.

"It seems they're related, they couldn't start the fire the first time, and they came back just to prove they could do it," said co-owner Alan Rowlison

Parents who showed up were shocked to see the damage done to a daycare that's been in business for nearly 30 years.

"Some parents really upset and crying, it's touching to see how much they care about the center," said employee and former student Lauren Rowlison.

"It's not just a family run business that loses income right before Christmas, but all the employees who don't have a job now, it's just awful."

The good news is that no one was hurt in the fire.

Children who usually attend Sunshine were sent to Kids Kare today, which is operated by the same family.

If your kids attend Sunshine and you have questions about where to take them, you can call Kids Kare at 365-2345.