Thieves Take Car and Wheelchair

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Thieves got away with a Cadillac parked in front of a house on Telluride Drive Friday night.

The Cadillac belongs to a man who's paralyzed and relies on the car and what was inside to get around everyday.

"Uhoh, it's got my hand controls in it, it's the only car I can drive," said Buddy Sanderson

Sanderson last saw his car in front of his house when he went to bed Friday night.

"Twelve hours later it was gone," said Sanderson.

The car is specially equipped for a man who lives his life in a chair, and the thieves took that away too.

"My wheelchair the one I go out in."

A $4,000 chair that Buddy uses to go around and speak to high school students about safe driving.

His son Landon, was killed in a drag racing accident three years ago.

"If i can save one life then we've accomplished something and can feel better about it."

But for a man who's been through it all, his sense of humor remains.

"I don't even believe in luck."

After all it is just a car.

"After losing a child, money, cars, nothing, nothing compares to it, but whoever stole it bring back my wheelchair."

Buddy's insurance will cover the car but because of how his plan is set up they'll only cover $200 of the cost of the chair.

If you have any information call CRIMESTOPPERS at 643-STOP. It's a 2005 Cadillac DeVille license plate number 453-E12.