24th Annual Bob Telmosse Giveaway

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The annual Bob Telmosse Christmas giveaway is back for the 24th year but for the first time ever Bob won't be around to spread good cheer...he passed away in May but the event is continuing in his honor.

Organizers say in three days they already have more donations than they did in the first two weeks last year.

"Bob was just a tremendous man starting this and it was one of the driving things in his life," said friend Steve Mann.

Since 1983 Bob has held a massive Christmas giveaway…anyone can show up on December 23rd, no questions asked. The event actually began as a prank...someone placed an ad in the paper saying Bob was giving away free food.

"He was very surprised and I remember him saying they want what?" Said Bob’s co-worker Dolly Throneberry.

And that's when a tradition was born...Bob bought food for everyone who showed up. And so when he passed away in May from a rare disease...his friends and co-workers decided to continue what he'd started.

"Its just sad to think that he's not going to be here but we'll make it through and we'll do it for him," said Mann.

Organizers say they are in great need of monetary donations and food items...they're also looking for volunteers. You can bring donations to the Mission Trace Shopping Center on South Academy from 1 to 6pm, everyday until the 23rd.