An 11 News Investigation: Vanished

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Update: On Thursday, November 30th, the search warrant executed by the Fremont County Sheriff's Office was made available.
Click here to read the entire search warrant and affidavit in support of the search warrant.

In an 11 News Investigation:
A husband vanishes without a trace. His disappearance is being called suspicious. It’s a story has some bizarre twists and turns.

Gene Fish hasn't been seen in 2 ½ years. His wife says he ran away. She never filed a missing persons report. It wasn't until three months later that a family friend notified the Fremont County Sheriff’s Office about Gene's disappearance.

As the night falls in Fremont County, the moon illuminates the sky in a quiet, rural community. A long and windy dirt road dead ends at the South T-Bar Ranch, the place where federal agent Gene Fish retired with his wife, Lynn in late 2003.

"On the 16th of June in 2004, I received a Father's Day card signed by Gene and Lynn in his handwriting," Bill Fish, Gene’s dad said in his New York home. Pushing 90 years old, Bill said his son would keep in contact on a weekly basis. Gene phoned his parents on June 20th, 2004 and then, sent an email the next day. "That was the last time I heard from Gene Fish," Bill said.

54-year-old Gene Fish mysteriously vanished.

In the missing persons report, it says Lynn told her in-laws in New York that Gene had run away in his red Ford pick-up truck on June 21st because he was unhappy and needed to "get-away". In that same report, it states that Gene's pick-up truck shows up back at his house 2 days after he disappeared, but no sign of Gene.

Then Lynn allegedly tells Gene's friend a month later that Gene was busy and couldn't come to the phone. The sheriff's deputy noted in the missing persons report that Lynn Fish had inconsistent statements.

We went to the South T-Bar Ranch to speak with Lynn ourselves. When we approached her leaving her gated community, she threw her pick-up truck in reverse and drove back into her neighborhood. That's the same truck that Lynn reportedly says Gene ran away in. A few minutes later, two men approached us, claiming to be friends with Lynn and said we weren't welcome. "Ms. Fish has nothing to say to you."

The Fremont County Sheriff's Office says they executed a search warrant on Gene and Lynn's 35-acre property this past September, more than 2 years after Gene vanished. Gene's family has expressed frustration with the investigation. "…Just the amount of time it takes to get an answer," Frank Hernigle, Gene’s cousin, said.

Answers from investigators didn't come easy for us either. "I know it was a source of frustration for you..." Sheriff Jim Beicker acknowledged to us. He says his deputies are doing all they can.

We asked the sheriff about why it took 2 ½ years go get a search warrant and asked if it seems like they are botching this investigation. “I'm a little insulted by that because it's been accused all along that we weren't doing enough."

Private investigators hired by the family say there were enough suspicious circumstances surrounding Gene's disappearance that a search warrant should've been done on the property when Gene was first reported missing in 2004. We tried to find the search warrant that was executed in September that Sheriff Beicker said was available. But Debbie at the courthouse said she couldn't find it.

"We've done the search warrant, we've done the return. There's are no shenanigans going on here, I can assure you." The sheriff says that the investigation is active.

Meanwhile, Gene's family prays everyday that he’ll be found. "You still hold that little hope," Frank, Gene’s cousin, said.

Gene's father hopes answers will come soon. He's fighting cancer and suffers from Parkinson's Disease. Gene's mother, Agnes has Alzheimer’s.

As the sun sets in Fremont County, another day goes by and still, the mystery remains, what happened to Gene Fish?

The district attorney in Fremont County, Molly Chilson, who’s also working on the investigation, canceled our scheduled interview. Since then, she has not returned our numerous calls or emails.

According to court documents, Gene's wife, Lynn was named conservator of the estate and she's collecting his monthly pension of $4,500.

The family and sheriff's office say they're confident case will one day be solved.

Update: On Thursday, November 30th, the search warrant executed by the Fremont County Sheriff's Office was made available.
Click here to read the entire search warrant and affidavit in support of the search warrant.