Icy Roads Expected

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Tuesday afternoon: sunny skies and clear roads.

Tuesday night, dipping temperatures, making some re-consider their attire:

"Make no mistake, I carry a snow suit!" said a Colorado Springs driver wearing shorts Tuesday evening.

...And brace for a blast of winter.

"Hopefully it's not as bad as the last snow we had, but we'll deal with it," said one driver.

The 53-vehicle snow removal crew Peg Richardson supervises is fueled and ready to go at a moment's notice, and prepared to work some long hours.

"For us we're looking at 3 to 3 and-a-half days as far as having frigid temperatures, that's going to be a challenge to us," said Richardson.

The last major snow kept city crews working for nearly 60 hours straight.

This round shouldn't pack as hard a punch as far as accumulation. The sub-freezing temperatures pose a different challenge.

"Weather always trumps everything," said CDOT maintenance supervisor Gary Heller.

The chemicals CDOT trucks put on the roads can stop working if temperatures get and stay below 15 degrees.

Until it warms up and starts working again, the danger is icy roads and icy moods.

"[The ice melt is] always there, you may not see it working, but it comes back at a later time," said Heller.

And as snow crews expect to put in some extra time on the roads, they ask drivers to allow themselves a little extra too.

"I just take it slow. Always have," said another local driver.

The city asks residents to be their eyes out there, and offers a number to call: 385-5934.

If there is a bad spot that's not getting attention, call the streets department and give them a steer where to send the plows.