Pueblo Man Missing

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A Pueblo man who vanished the day before Thanksgiving is still missing.

Close friends are now pleading for the communities help.

They say, 63 year old Stacey Cormany disappeared from his assisted living home.

Cormany doesn't have an relatives in Colorado.
He does have a sister that lives in California, however authorities have not been able to reach her.

Cormany does have many close friends who have been posting missing fliers all over Pueblo in hopes someone will recognize him and bring him home.

His friend of almost ten years, Dale Hart says, "There's something special about Stacey. He just has a very gentle spirit."

Cormany suffers from Leukemia but he is in remission.

His friends hope his will to overcome cancer will also keep him alive, wherever he may be.

Hart says, "We have no idea what happened to him."

Hart also doesn't know what will happen to him if Cormany doesn't get his medication.

Hart says, "He's in grave danger."

Police say, Cormany had only the clothes on his back when he vanished on November 22ND.

Detective Mark Duran says, "We're hoping that he has found shelter."

Caretakers at Eddies Assisted Living House in Pueblo say, Cormany could be disoriented and may not be able to find his way back.

Assisted living friend, Mark Kirk says, "I just pray to God that he comes back home."

Authorities say, Cormany has been sited near the Walgreen's on South Prairie in Pueblo.

Another person claims they saw him near The Pikes Peak International Raceway.

But no matter where he is, his friends are praying for his return. They say, home is just not the same without him.

Kirk says, "It's kind of boring to tell you the truth."

Friends say, Stacey Cormany has noticeable tremors in his hands.
He may also now have a light beard.

Anyone with information, please call police.