Hikers Summit Pike's Peak

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The hikers were exhausted but their spirits were extremely high. After blazing their own trail and braving below zero temperatures they finished the climb Pike couldn't and arrived at the top of Pike's Peak.

A flag from 1806 raised in honor of Zebulon marked the ending of a grueling three day journey...a journey that retraced Pike's footsteps and finished the climb he was never able to make.

"I think all of us understand why pike didn't press up here," said hiker Dave Philipps.

Pike’s men only made it to the top of Mount Rosa, they were forced to turn back because of conditions and lack of supplies. And it’s probably a good thing Pike and his men didn't make it to the summit of Pike’s Peak ill-prepared. Today's hikers were met with below zero temperatures and 50 to 60 mile and hour winds.

"There were a few points we were almost blown over down there," said Philipps.

It was an exhilarating ending to what these eight hikers say was an unforgettable journey...done in honor of an unforgettable man.

In three days the hikers trekked about 27 miles and gained 10-thousand feet in elevation.