Keeping Fire Sprinkler Pipes From Freezing

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If you live in an apartment or work in a business with fire sprinkler pipes, beware. As temperatures fall, the chances they'll freeze increase. According to The Colorado Springs Fire Department, last year was one of the worst years for frozen sprinkler pipes, but fire officials say preventing them is easy.
"If you're trying to save money on your heating bill, don't do it by turning off the heat in the sprinkler valve room," said Deputy Fire Marshal Kris Cooper.
Cooper says that's one of the quickest ways to freeze your fire sprinkler pipes. He says people should always keep the room's temperature at 40 degrees or warmer-- something he says a lot of people with fire sprinklers forgot to do last year.
"Within 2 days we ran on close to 50 sprinkler system freeze calls that created a lot of damage and expense."
Cooper says you should also check the attic in case the wind blows through the vents, moves insulation and exposes pipes to the cold. He also warns landlords to make sure even vacant apartments are kept warm enough to prevent freezes.