New Traffic Signs

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It's tough to get around town these days with construction zones at so many intersections in Colorado Springs. City Council members voted unanimously Tuesday to use more than 2-million dollars in federal grant money to pay for new traffic equipment.

An electronic message board has been put up on Garden of the Gods near I-25. It's the first of 8 signs that you'll soon see around town to help drivers know what's ahead of them on the road.

Traffic is at a standstill on Austin Bluffs Parkway. And it's not going to start moving anytime soon. "There's a lot of construction that's going to cause a lot of major delay on the roadways and we want to minimize it as much as possible, said John Merritt," Principal Traffic Engineer. Electronic message boards, smaller than those on the interstate, will soon go up on major streets. "We can give drivers advance notice of accidents, road and lane closures, so that they have alternatives besides sitting in a long line of traffic," said Merritt. Drivers stuck in traffic Tuesday had mixed feelings on the new equipment. "I guess it would be helpful cause you could turn off before you get into a standstill." "It's just an added distraction. We don't need anymore." "If the city feels that where they want to put them up, i guess they're going to put them up." All in an effort to help drivers get to where they need to go safely.

Two more message boards are expected to go up this spring. But, the majority of them will be installed next fall.