Barton Trial Delayed

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A federal judge has delayed the trial of a former Forest Service worker accused of setting the 137,000 acre Hayman fire.

Judge Richard Matsch did not set a new date today for the trial of 38-year-old Terry Barton. She had been scheduled for trial August 26th. Barton's attorney -- Warren Williamson -- asked for the delay to get more time to gather evidence and build a case in her defense. Government prosecutors say they need more time too.

Barton has been indicted on four counts, including arson. She has told investigators she accidentally sparked the fire while burning a letter from her estranged husband. She has been released from federal custody into a halfway house on bail. Her Forest Service employment was terminated after her arrest.

Officials say the Hayman fire was officially contained as of six o’clock Tuesday evening. A fire information officer made the announcement -- which means that firefighters essentially have built fire lines around the perimeter of the fire area. It does not necessarily mean every warm spot has been soaked down.

The fire destroyed 133 homes, one business and 466 other structures since it erupted from a camping area nearly a month ago. The last evacuation orders were lifted over the weekend.

About 600 firefighters still remain on the scene of the blaze that has decimated massive areas of the Pike National Forest and has cost more than $31 million dollars to fight.