Debate Over D-11 Recall

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Tense moments at District 11 headquarters Monday. Members of the "End The Chaos Committee"-- the group responsible for Getting D-11 board members Eric Christen and Sandy Shakes on a recall ballot-- say Christen's recent announcement that he is resigning from the board is confusing voters.
"Despite his announcement, people still need to vote on whether or not to recall Christen," said End The Chaos member Ann Otman-Gardner. "Otherwise their vote for who they'd want to replace Christen and Shakes won't count."
Monday's meeting was designed warn voters to fill out the entire ballot. Some members say Christen made his resignation announcement with the intent to confuse voters. Otman-Gardner says Christen has promised to resign before, without following through. According to D-11 spokesperson Elaine Naleski, Christen has yet to submit a written resignation to the district, deeming his announcement unofficial as of Monday night. Christen says his resignation is real and that energy aimed at him should be directed towards the district.
"I asked people to dig down in their hearts and find some bit of decency and shame to leave me and my family alone," said Christen. "I am for all intensive purposes not on this board any more."
The board is set to formally vote on Christen's resignation December 6. Recall ballots are due December 12.