Bronco Fans React to Quarterback Change

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Most fans we spoke with Monday night told us they are looking forward to seeing Cutler make his debut against Seattle Sunday night. They say it’s a change that’s been long over due.

"They should have put Cutler in there 4 interceptions ago," said one fan.

The rumors about the quarterback replacement started Thanksgiving night when Denver lost for the second time in five days and fans reacted quickly. At the Sportsfan it was Cutler's jersey that suddenly became the hot item.

"When people started hearing rumors that Cutler might be playing everybody’s coming in and asking for Cutler," said Sportsfan worker David Morrell.

But is a rookie the answer? Some say absolutely while others disagree and thinks its wrong to give up on Plummer so soon.

"I think they're doing Jake Plummer wrong...he took them to a championship game last year...I think its abrupt and uncalled for."

But regardless of will be a confidant Jay Cutler who will take center stage Sunday night.

"We're going to get things turned around, this team has too much character not to," Cutler said.

Cutler will make his first start Sunday night in Denver when the broncos take on Seattle.