Police Look for Missing Mother

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A Colorado Springs woman reported missing a week ago today and there are still no leads for police to go on. Police found Rosario Olea's car in the parking lot of Zio’s restaurant yesterday in North Colorado Springs. Olea's family is desperate to find their sister.

"She has a little baby he's two years old, she's so dedicated to him," said Rosario’s sister in law Patricia Maycott. That's why when Rosario Olea didn't show to pick up her son last Sunday from his father's house, family members knew something was wrong. "She was always there on time and if she' d be late she'd call," said Maycott.

Olea was last seen, at her brother's house on November 18th, he says she would often stop by.
"She was at my house at seven, but after that we don't know anything," said Rosario’s brother.
She told family she was going out and would be back the next day. Her car was found Sunday, a week after her disappearance at Zio’s restaurant, police are calling her disappearance suspicious. "Going through her residence nothing is missing, all of her belongings are there so some red flags definitely,” said Sgt. Sal Fiorillo with CSPD.

The Olea's are thinking of Rosario constantly, and hoping for the best. “We just want her found and hopefully she's ok." Olea is described as a five foot five Hispanic female with reddish brown hair. If you have any information regarding her disappearance call CRIMESTOPPERS at 634-STOP.