Retracing Pike's Footsteps

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Eight local hikers took steps toward a mountaintop on Sunday...and back into history.

"It's hard to believe these guys did this, 200 years ago with the gear or lack there of," said hiker Susan Paul.

They are retracing the route that historian John Murphy believes is the route that Zebulon Pike and his men took. The first day of the journey began at 6:30am...on Highway 115...and ended around sunset about an hour from the summit of Mount Rosa...the mountain that Murphy says pike climbed in an effort to reach the Grand Peak.

"It’s been a long day...I think we've hiked over 5,000 vertical feet and 10 miles," said hiker Bill Mendelshon.

And some will even sleep in the same cave where Pike and his men found shelter on this same night 200 years ago.

"It was getting late and he climbed up the south ridge of Mt. Rosa and found a cave and they spent the night up there in the cave," said John Murphy.

Pike’s journey ended after he and his men summited Mount Rosa…they were forced to turn back because of conditions and a lack of supplies, but these hikers will push on to the top of Pike's Peak...something that Pike himself never achieved.

"This lovely crew of people are honoring pike by finishing the climb for him," said Murphy.

The hikers plan to summit pike's peak sometime Tuesday afternoon.