Two Pueblo County Jail Escapees Back Behind Bars

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Daniel Smith surrendered to authorities Sunday after four days on the run. The other inmate, Anthony Gomez, was found hiding in an attic Friday.

Now, that both are back in jail, Pueblo County has to figure out how this happened.

Pueblo County Sheriff Dan Corsentino held a press conference where he revealed that three to four months ago the jail maintenance staff had been notified of a potential problem with the ventilation system, which could pose an opportunity for escape. Due to a heavy schedule and disbelief that inmates would actually attempt escape, it wasn't fixed.

Authorities say that Daniel Smith and Anthony Gomez broke a metal plank in the ceiling, then crawled through a ventilation duct using bed sheets, tied together to slide down. Now that both are behind bars, Sheriff Corsentino says he is taking full responsibility for the mistake but that changes need to be made.

Both inmates are now facing felony escape charges which could add 12 to 20 years to their sentences.