Suspected Burglary Ring Arrested

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Investigators are digging into all the information they can about an organized and highly efficient group of criminals.

Matthew Tafoya. Raechel Bakhtiar. Mark Smith. Rueben Locks, and Clinton Jamerson. A group authorities say worked together, for a criminal purpose, as a team.

"One person said they call themselves The Ring," said El Paso County Sheriff’s Detective Charles Kull.

Investigators say 39-year-old Victoria Jamerson completes the ring: detectives say they think she called the shots in a rash of burglaries that netted tens of thousands of dollars in stolen property.

"They weren't stupid. They each had individual jobs," Kull said.

Kull says the burglars were bold, hitting businesses in the Springs, Palmer Lake and other parts of the county by day.

Jamerson reportedly checked the businesses first, choosing those without surveillance cameras.

"She would write down a list of what she wanted from the job and then give it to her subordinates and they'd carry out the burglaries themselves," said Kull.

The burglars would take cash, credit cards, even cell phones, using one taken during a job in Cascade to make a few calls.

Investigators recovered that phone and dialed the numbers the suspects had, and found people willing to talk.

"I'm pleased we had suspects in this case and could figure out what was happening," Kull said.

But most of what was taken is still missing.
Detectives say the stolen goods were likely sold or traded for drugs.
And even as a ring of suspected criminals is exposed, authorities say their investigation is just beginning.

"We certainly expect there's more cases that we don't know about at this time we'll learn about them in the future," said Kull.

Investigators believe there could be more people involved, and detectives also say these arrests could lead them to drug dealers operating in southern Colorado. A lot to learn from one big arrest.