Mom Thankful Son Saved Her Life

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On the eve of Thanksgiving, a Southern Colorado mother has her son to thank for saving her life. 6-year-old Isaac called 911 during an emergency.

We first aired the amazing 911 tape on Monday. Today, we meet Isaac in person.

During an afternoon walk, Isaac's mom fell unconscious. Isaac, without missing a beat, called for help. This is part of the 911 call.

Operator: Colorado Springs 911, what's the address of your emergency?
Caller: Yes, I'm at Venetucci Park. My mom can't breathe.
Operator: Okay. What's your name?
Caller: Isaac.
Operator: Alright, Isaac, how old are you?
Caller: 5

Well, actually, Little Isaac Kubik shows us on his fingers that he’s six years old. But, getting that number right wasn't important the day his mother was lying unconscious on the ground.

Operator: And you said her eyes are open. Is she talking to you at all?
Caller: She's quiet right now.
Operator: Can you have her lay on her back for me, Isaac?
Caller: Mom, lay on her back... She won't.

Isaac takes his mom back to where it all happened. "You were over here and fell right here. I was over here." He’s a mighty little first grader who knew exactly what to do in an emergency. Isaac says he learned about 911 in school and well, apparently, he's good with numbers. "I never have help with math and stuff," Isaac told us.

His mom, Tessa said she's incredibly proud and grateful to her son. “He's a fast thinker." She just never knew that one day, Isaac's million dollar smile would be the smile of her hero. "He's my angel."

We're told the 9-1-1 operator might nominate Isaac for a little hero award. You can listen to the entire 911 call. Just click on the "featured videos" list on our homepage.