Teacher Charged With Molestation Is Sentenced

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A Canon City elementary school teacher charged with two counts of sexual assault on a child is sentenced Wednesday.

33 Year old Jennie Overstreet was sentenced to 2 years to life behind bars.

The District Attorney believes Overstreet will spend at least the next 8 years behind bars.

During sentencing, the judge had some harsh words for Overstreet. Saying she's had a problem for years, therefore, it'll be a while before Overstreet is rehabilitated.

Jennie Overstreet's parents left court soon after their daughter's sentence was read.

Overstreet's attorney, Michael Gillick says, "This is the kind of case that cuts into the community."

Details of the case echoed throughout the courtroom of the kind of relationship Overstreet had with two teenage boys, 13 and 14 years old.

Overstreet, during an evaluation, told authorities she felt victimized.

Still, Overstreet admitted she was guilty of sexually molesting the two boys, buying them marijuana, alcohol, and pornographic material.

Gillick attributed Overstreet's actions to her addictions to alcohol and prescription drugs.

Gillick says, "Jennie's not blaming the drugs, Jennie is explaining that she didn't know why she did these things."

The D.A. read aloud some of Overstreet's on line conversations, Overstreet saying, "Boys are so cute, I'm such a pervert."

Gillick says, "Jennie while drunk at night engaged in a lot of fantasy chats."

Which eventually turned into reality for elementary school teacher, Jennie Overstreet.

Gillick says, he's satisfied with the judges decision.

Overstreet has already served 6 months behind bars, so she'll be up for parole in about a year and a half. But again, the D.A. believes her request for parole will be denied.

Also, Overstreet has two children. Both are living with their father in Kansas.