O.J. Says Book Wasn't a Confession

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O.J. Simpson says his book and T.V. project called "If I Did It" wasn't a confession, and that the title wasn't even his idea.

Simpson also told a Miami radio station that he told the writer from the start that he wasn't involved in the killings. He says he had "nothing to confess."

As for the "If I Did It" title, he added that that was "what they came up with." Simpson said he didn't pitch anything because he doesn't make book deals.

Simpson won't say how much he got paid. But he described it as a "windfall" that would go mainly to pay bills and support his children.

Simpson's radio interview comes two days after News Corporation canceled the book and the two-part interview with Fox.

Officials with publisher Harper Collins have said all copies of the book will be destroyed.

The cancellation came after nationwide negative reaction to what was being billed as a thinly veiled confession by Simpson to the 1994 murders of his ex-wife and her friend