Police Make Arrest In Colorado Springs Shooting

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Police say they've made an arrest in the shooting death of a 27-year old man who was gunned down in the middle of Drennan Road late Tuesday.

Police say the victim, identified as 27 year old Miguel Robertson of Colorado Springs, was walking down the street when a white Mitsubishi Eclipse drove up along side. They say the victim and the suspect(s) in the car had a fight and then exchanged gunfire. Witnesses tell 11 News they heard at least 5 to 6 shots.

A short time later, police arrested 27 year old James T. Taylor III.

Right now, the Springs Homicide Unit is interviewing witnesses to find out more details. This is the 6th murder to happen in the past month and a half. This is the 13th murder of the year.

Stay tuned to KKTV 11 News for the latest details.