Woman's Death Now Ruled A Murder

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Colorado Springs Police are searching for answers after a woman's suspicious death is now being ruled a murder. 35-year-old Renee Whitcher was found unconscious a few weeks ago at the Hill Park Apartments on the 300 block of North Murray. She later died.

She was a mother of three boys. "She was like a daughter. I had no daughters. She fit in the family so wonderfully." Sharon Schears told us. She was Whitcher’s mother-in-law for the past 19 years. Renee was put to rest today.

For the past few weeks, there have been many questions surrounding Whitcher’s death. Her husband, DeWayne told police she went missing for several days. Then, Whitcher allegedly returns home, and that's when police said, she claimed she was sexually assaulted. The next day, she died from blunt force trauma to her abdomen.

"According to the coroner's office, the injury occured after the sexual assault," Sgt. Sal Fiorillo with the Colorado Springs Police Department, Major Crimes Unit said. Now, police are looking into what happened and who might've done this to Renee. "Nobody is ruled out as a suspect right now," Sgt. Fiorillo said.

In the meantime, Renee’s family continues to mourn. "She was so full of love and a giving person," Schears said.

This marks the 5th murder in the past month and a half. Springs Police say that's unusual, but it's also unusual that there were no murders during the summer.

If you know anything about this murder, call Crime Stoppers at 634-STOP in Colorado Springs.