Colorado Springs Man Accused of Imprisoning His 6 Kids

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A Colorado Springs man is accused of locking his six adopted kids in the basement and watching them with security cameras. Police say the abuse happened at a home in the Stetson Hills area.

The six kids between the ages of 7and 16 were removed from the home Friday night and placed in protective custody. Their father, 59-year-old William Fam, was arrested and is facing 6 counts of child abuse and false imprisonment.

Fam and his wife were investigated last week after police got a tip of a possible assault.

"We received information that a child at that residence had been assaulted by his father," said Sergeant Howard Black with the Colorado Springs Police Department.

And after investigating police say they discovered much more. The kids told police that they were locked in the basement and monitored by security cameras from upstairs. They said it was done to keep them from stealing food and running away. Neighbors say that was just one of several strange circumstances.

John Jansen lives next door and says he called the Department of Human Services three times. He says the kids were forced to wait outside the house when they would get home from school because the Fam’s wouldn’t give them a key to get inside. Jansen says they were also forced to do an ab-normal amount of yard work. He says he was relieved when DHS finally stepped in.

"I was glad to see the kids be taken out of that environment because they just didn't have them for the right reasons," Jansen said.

Police are also investigating the possibility that the Fams were withholding food from the kids as a form of punishment.