Holiday Travel Reminders

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If you're getting ready to fly out of town for Thanksgiving, don't forget to pack a plastic bag. It's part of the Transportation Security Administration's new 3-1-1 campaign. It's a way to remember you can pack as many 3 ounce bottles filled with liquid as you can fit into a 1-quart Zip Lock bag placed inside 1 carry-on item. No full-sized products are allowed, even if they're half-empty. Those with containers over 3 ounces will be asked to throw them away or place them in checked baggage. Airport officials are asking travelers to arrive 2 hours early and wear as little metal as possible. If you plan to take gifts on board, they say it's best not to wrap them as they may be unwrapped for security purposes. For a complete list of things you can and can't take on board, visit the Transportation Security Administration website at