Still Cleaning Up from Blizzard of '06

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With Tuesday's warm weather, it's hard to believe that nearly a month ago we were hit by a blizzard. Colorado Springs Forestry and Parks maintenance crews are still cleaning up from the storm.

"We're doing our best to get this mess cleaned up." The clean up started as quickly as the snow hit the ground. The blizzard of '06 dumped more than a foot of snow in parts of Southern Colorado. And left people in the dark for days after trees knocked down power lines. Now, nearly 4 weeks later ... City forestry crews are still picking up the pieces. "I can't remember in the 13 years I've been here as director that we've ever had that kind of damage," said Paul Butcher, Director of Colorado Springs Parks and Recreation. Damage to thousands of trees across the city that have been picked up and moved to Memorial Park to be made into mulch. "It's going to take up a couple weeks just to clean this up," said Patrick Ford, Maintenance Technician. To clean up a mess that mother nature left behind. "This was a big hit. I was surprised at the number of trees that came down," said Butcher.

Wednesday is the last day the Forestry Division will be removing trees that have fallen into public roadways, free of charge. But they'll be here chopping for weeks to come.

The city is offering tree chips free of charge. If you're interested, stop by the City's Parks and Recreation Office at 1601 Recreation Way during normal business hours.