Triple Murder-Suicide

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Autopsy reports show 32-year-old Retundra Raghunandan shot his wife and two children, before turning the gun on himself.

El Paso County spokesperson Lt. Rodney Gehrett says the test show 32-year-old Lolita Raghunandan was shot six times, 10-year-old Akash was shot five times, and five-year-old Rene was shot once.

The bodies were found Tuesday in an apartment complex in the Cimmaron Hills area.

Retundra had been arrested late Sept. 11, for assaulting his wife. 911 tapes show 10-year-old Akash called that night and asked for help, saying his daddy was hurting his mom. He was also afraid for authorities to come with lights and sirens, saying he was worried his dad might hurt his mom worse.

A temporary restraining order was automatically put in place on Friday morning. Lolita also went to TESSA for help in filing a permanent order. Officials say there was nothing more that could have been done, legally, to prevent Retundra from getting to his family.