Turkey Fryer Dangers

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These days many people choose to deep-fry their Thanksgiving turkey instead of cooking it in the oven. The fried method is much quicker but it is also very dangerous and should only be done with extreme caution.

Turkey fryers pose a huge fire threat; they use five gallons of oil...five gallons that’s heated to about 350-degrees. If that oil gets too hot or the turkey is not quite completely thawed...you could be in for a real disaster.

Adam Migliaccio with American Medical Response says if you put a turkey that’s not completely thawed into a fryer...the oil will spill over and start a fire.

"The fryers half full so once you dip that in there and it starts to slowly boil over and once it does anything nearby that is combustible will burn," Migliaccio said.

He says you should also never use a fryer indoors. Back in 2004 a garage in El Paso County caught fire as the result of a turkey fryer.

Also always remember to only use turkey fryers on flat stable surfaces and never heat the oil beyond the recommended temperature.