Elementary School Hoax

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Police say after a detailed investigation and extensive interviews they have determined that claims by three students who say a man tried to abduct them from Rudy Elementary turned out to be a hoax. “The children have admitted as of this afternoon that they falsified all information,” said Sgt. Howard Black of CSPD.

You'd think that statement would ease the minds of hundreds of parents, picking up their kids at school but they’re still worried. “I don't feel safe because it still could happen, it's still a reality that we have to deal with, and that's life these days. That's why I pick her up or drive my kids every day.”

Parents weren't notified of the reports until Monday afternoon, they say it should have been handled differently even if it turned out to be fabricated.
“We couldn't get any information from the district or from the school, they had their answering machines turned off.”
“Of course the parents are concerned because they've been hearing a lot about this and that's natural, I'd be concerned if I were a parent.”
So while this is some relief from parents, they say it hasn’t made the situation any easier to go through.