6 Year Old Boy Saves Mom's Life

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A Southern Colorado boy could be credited for saving his mom's life. Yesterday, Isaac went for a walk with his mom, but somehow, she fell to the ground and wasn't talking. That's when Isaac called 911. Below are segments from the 10 minute call.

Operator: Colorado Springs 911. What's the address of your emergency?
Caller: Yes, I'm at Venetucci Park. My mom can't breathe.
Operator: Okay. What's your name?
Caller: Issac.
Operator: Alright, Issac, how old are you?
Caller: 5

Isaac then tells the 911 operator that he and his mom were taking a walk, when his mom fell and was laying on the ground.

Operator: And you said her eyes are open. Is she talking to you at all?
Caller: She's quiet right now.
Operator: She hasn't talked to you at all since she fell down?
Caller: Yeah, she said wor... words.
Operator: What words?
Caller: She said call 911.
Operator: Can you have her lay on her back for me, Isaac?
Caller: Mom, lay on her back... She won't.

Little Isaac remains calm. Then a man, driving by, stops to help.

Caller: Hello?
Operator: Hello, who's this?
Caller: Hi. I was just driving by and I saw this woman laying on the ground.
Operator: Alright. Is she breathing, sir?
Caller: Yeah, she's breathing. It looks like she's having a seizure right now.

Within minutes, help arrives.

Caller (speaking to Isaac next to his side): Now, the fire department is here. Good job, Isaac. See you did that.

His mom is taken to the hospital. Isaac talked with fire fighters. A brave 6 year old who probably has no idea he's a hero.

Isaac's mom is doing okay. She says she's very proud of her son. Even though Isaac told the operator he's 5 years old, his mom says he's actually 6.