Fighting Crime In Colorado Springs

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In the last week alone, there have been three shootings and at least a handful of armed robberies, all acts of violence in Colorado Springs. Now, a group of volunteers is fighting for safety in our city.

An anti-crime rally was held on East Platte Avenue. It was outside the video store because just a few weeks ago, an employee was killed during closing time.

The guardian angels held up a sign, asking drivers to honk in support. They also shouted through a megaphone, “Honk against crime.” Their message was heard loud and clear along the street. "My word to the criminals is we're out there looking for you," Ted Noyes, a Denver Guardian angel said.

Colorado Springs Guardian Angels teamed up with angels from Denver. "The angels are a volunteer group. They are the extra eyes and ears for the police department," Stephanie Johnson, a Springs Angel told us.

They patrol the streets on foot, looking for crime. “We've saved numerous lives, stopped rapes and knife attacks," Noyes proudly stated.

In the last month, there were 3 murders in the Springs. Just in the last week, there were three shootings and several robberies. The guardian angels hope their presence will put an end to crime. "It's time the city woke up and realized what's going on," Johnson said.

The angels usually patrol the streets on the weekends.