Mosquito Season Ending

The West Nile virus is continuing its march to the west, good news for Colorado's Front Range. But, that means the state's Western Slope could be hit hard by the virus next summer.

This year, the virus has claimed 26 lives in the state and left hundreds of others sick. The good news is health officials expect the toll of the disease to be much lower next year because so many people have already been infected and built up resistance.

Another bit of good news: the West Nile virus season should also be over soon. This is the time of year, as the cold weather starts moving in, that mosquitoes will stop biting humans and start feeding on nectar. The bugs will also become less active.

Temperatures dropped near freezing or below in southern Colorado Saturday night. Experts say a good freeze will totally eliminate the mosquito population, either because they will start hibernating, or they'll die.

Through the next couple weeks, we should begin to see far fewer mosquitoes. But, health experts warn, that until the mosquito season is officially over, Coloradans should still be wearing bug repellant in the mornings and evenings.

In Pueblo, there is about one more week of the mosquito season so, health experts say they will continue spraying until the risk is at zero.